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First Ever International Cricket Match

February 1, 2023

The Birth of Cricket

A Cricket Match in NewHampshire 1793
A Cricket Match in New Hampshire 1793

Cricket, a sport originated in Southeast England in the early medieval period, is considered to be a children’s game at the beginning. For some generations, this game remained the sole preserve of the young.

The first definite reference to the game in an adult context comes from 1597 when a court case in Surrey detailed an ownership dispute over a plot of common land. Here it’s mentioned about a game called Creckett. After 14 years since it’s mentioned that two men were prosecuted playing this game on a Sunday instead of going to church.

Cricket Comes to North America

When coming to the 18th century, cricket was a national sport in England and had made its journey to North American colonies. The first-ever documented competition in North America had held in 1751 whole there are references to the game being played in New York 12 years ago.

With Haverford College becoming the first institution in 1833 to form a cricket club for Americans, Philadelphia quickly emerged as the cricketing heartland of the United States.

Setting Background For the First International Match

Cricket’s first-ever International match can trace its origins back to 1840, when weary players from the St. George’s Club arrived in Toronto after a long and arduous journey via stagecoach through New York state, then crossing Lake Ontario via a steamer. A man claiming to be George Philpotts, secretary of Toronto Cricket Club, had invited the New York side to play his team at home. However, when the 18 St. George’s men arrived on the 28th of August 1840, the Canadians informed them that they were not expected. It later transpired that the men claiming to be ‘Mr. Philpotts’, was nothing more than an impostor.

Despite the hoax, the Canadians graciously arranged a cricket match with great haste. A fair number of spectators attended and even the Governor of Upper Canada, Sir George Arthur, graced the match with his presence. The New Yorkers would win the match by 10 wickets, but left Canada on such good terms, that they invited their opponents down into the US, for what would become the first-ever International cricket match.

World’s First-Ever International Cricket Match

The Canadian team was made with players from Toronto CC, Guelph Cricket Club in Western Ontario and Upper Canada College in Ontario while the American side containing players from clubs in Philadelphia, Washington D.C, Boston and New York.

The match was scheduled for two days. After winning the toss Canadians were invited to bat first. By the end of the day, the US were 61 for 9 against Canada’s 82. Because of the bad weather the second day was extended to a third day. After Americans were dismissed for 64, Canadians scored 63 in their second innings, giving a target of 82 to win. Any way Americans were bowled out for just 58, giving Canada the win by 23 runs.


1st Innings: 82/10

David Winckworth:12



Samuel Wight:5 wickets

2nd Innings:63/10

David Winckworth:14

Henry Groom:5 wickets


1st Innings: 64/10

Robert Tinson :14

David Winckworth and Fred French 4 wickets each

2nd Innings 58/10

James Turner:14

George Sharpe:6 wickets

Since there was no ICC back in 1844, this match was not recognized as an official Test match. Ironically neither USA nor Canada have managed to get the full membership.

The Rematch

After a year another meeting between Canada and the United States was arranged at McGill University in Montreal. The match took place between 30 and 31 July 1845. The Americans won the toss and once again decided to put the Canadians into bat first.

With C.J Birch scoring 29, Canada scored 80 for their first innings, while American bowler Henry Groom claiming 6 wickets. The US replied with 79 while George Sharpe taking 6 wickets.

With George Sharpes’s 31Canada scored 135 for their second innings, setting a target of 137 for the US to win. While US bowler Henry Groom taking further 4 wickets. After Winckworth taking 8 wickets, American could only manage 75 runs. giving another victory to Canada.

Later in the same year, the two teams met again in New York with Canada once again emerging victorious by 2 wickets.

Canada’s first Prime Minister John A. Macdonald declared Cricket to be Canada’s first national sport in 1867, largely due to these victories over the US.


Tied Test Matches In The History of Cricket

Tied Test Matches In The History of Cricket

Tied Test is a Test cricket match in which the side batting second is bowled out in the fourth innings, with scores level.

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