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Internet Giants Oppose India's Digital Competition Bill

May 30, 2024

A letter reveals that a U.S. lobby organisation that represents the internet giants Google, Amazon, and Apple has requested India to reconsider its planned EU-style competition law. The group claims that restrictions prohibiting data usage and giving partners special treatment might increase prices for users. 

A government panel suggested in February to create a new tab placing requirements on a few large digital corporations in India due to their growing market strength. This new antitrust legislation will supplement current rules, the implementation of which the panel claimed was "time-consuming."

Similar to the EU's historic Digital Markets Act 2022, India's "Digital Competition Bill" It will encompass some of the largest IT companies in the world since it will apply to large companies, including those with a worldwide revenue over $30 billion and whose digital services have a minimum of 10 million local customers. 

It suggests doing away with limitations on the download of third-party apps and forbidding businesses from using their customers' private information to promote their own services over competitors.

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has been looking into large IT companies for a number of years. 
In 2022, the CCI penalised Google $161 million and mandated that it cease preventing users from uninstalling its pre-installed programmes and permit downloading outside of its app store. Google disputes any wrongdoing and claims that these limitations improve user security. 

Also, Amazon is being investigated for antitrust violations after it was allegedly found to have favoured some vendors on its Indian platform. Although Apple is under investigation for allegedly abusing its dominating position in the applications industry, the company also disputes the accusations.


Google to Destroy Private Browsing Records

Google to Destroy Private Browsing Records

In order to resolve a lawsuit alleging that it surreptitiously monitored the internet activity of incognito on its Chrome browser, Google agreed to delete billions of data.

June 23, 2024