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Potentially Habitable Earth Sized Planet Discoverd 40 Light Years Away

May 30, 2024

One of Australia's university students co-led the finding of a possibly habitable, Earth-sized planet located approximately 40 light years from Earth. 

The finding was reported in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society by an international team that included Shishir Dholakia, an astrophysics PhD candidate at the University of Southern Queensland.

He talked about the "lightbulb moment" when the planet Gliese 12b was discovered.

The size of Gliese 12b is comparable to that of Earth, if not slightly smaller. Furthermore, estimates place its surface temperature at a pleasant 42C. 

Gliese 12, a cold red dwarf star in the Pisces constellation, is the target of its 12-day orbit. Gliese 12 has a surface temperature of around 60% of that of the sun and is around 25% its size. 

Along with Larissa Palethorpe, a PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh, Dholakia co-led the team that worked with NASA to verify the new planet.
Gliese 12b was deemed a suitable target by NASA for additional research using the James Webb satellite telescope. 

According to a well-known American astronomer, he is positive that a new planet is hiding much closer to Earth. Michael Brown, a professor of planetary astronomy at the California Institute of Technology, stated in an ABC story on Friday that he could not see how our solar system could exist "without Planet Nine."


Total Solar Eclipse to Sweep Across North America

Total Solar Eclipse to Sweep Across North America

When the moon passes squarely in front of the sun, the dazzling surface is obscured and the spectral remnants of the sun's atmosphere are visible.

June 23, 2024