Sunday June 23, 2024



Israel Seized Entire Border of Gaza with Egypt

May 30, 2024

Israel now has effective control over the whole land border of the Palestinian territory as Israeli soldiers have taken over a buffer zone that runs along the Gaza Strip's border with Egypt, the military announced on Wednesday. 

Additionally, Israel persisted in its murderous strikes on the southern Gazan city of Rafah in defiance of an International Court of Justice ruling to cease operations on the area, where half of Gaza's 2.3 million residents had earlier sought safety.

Israel launched tank incursions into Rafah earlier on Wednesday. On Tuesday, they had entered the centre of Rafah for the first time, defying a ruling by the highest court of the United Nations to stop the attack on the city right away. 

The World Court declared that Israel had failed to provide evacuees from Rafah with food, water, and medication, as well as a safe haven. In addition, the court demanded that Hamas release the prisoners it had kidnapped from Israel on October 7 without delay or conditions.

On Wednesday, there was no update on the status of the negotiations for the truce and captive release. According to Hamas, negotiations are useless until Israel stops its attack on Rafah. 

The armed wings of Islamic Jihad, an ally, and Hamas said they used mortar bombs and anti-tank rockets to fight the invading forces in Rafah. They also detonated explosives that the invaders had hidden, scoring many hits.

Belarus to Suspend Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe

Belarus to Suspend Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe

President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus has signed a measure suspending the Convention on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (now known as the CFE).

June 23, 2024