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US and UK Help to Shoot Down Iranian Drones

April 14, 2024

In an attempt to deflect the attack and stop an escalating escalation, Israel was assisted in shooting down Iranian drones over Jordan, Iraq, and Syria by a coalition that was rapidly organised and included the US and the UK. 

Israel reportedly scrambled its fighter planes to intercept incoming projectiles as a mass barrage of Iranian drones and cruise missiles approached its borders, backed by its allies and neighbours in the endeavour.

Fighter planes and refuelling aircraft of the Royal Air Force participated as well, flying out from bases in Cyprus. As per the Ministry of Defence, their function was substituting for the US Air Force during the anti-ISIS flights that are often conducted over Iraq and northeastern Syria. Additionally, they were tasked with stopping Iranian drones in case they ventured into the UK's operational domain.

Regarding its military participation, the Jordanian government did not confirm. According to a source quoted by the Iranian news agency Fars, the Tehran administration was keeping a careful eye on Jordan's conduct and may declare the Arab nation "the next target" if it supported Israel. 

In order to assist in coordinating defences against an Iranian strike, the Biden administration dispatched General Erik Kurilla, the director of US Central Command, to Israel this week. It was said that Kurilla departed the nation just before the first drones were launched.

China Agreed to Launch Diplomatic and Security Dialogues with South Korea and Japan

China Agreed to Launch Diplomatic and Security Dialogues with South Korea and Japan

Along with discussing Taiwan concerns with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, Chinese Premier Li Qiang also agreed to continue free trade discussions.

May 27, 2024