Sunday July 21, 2024



Putin Wins a Fifth Term in Russian Presidency

March 18, 2024

Russia's election on Sunday saw President Vladimir Putin win in a record-breaking post-Soviet landslide, solidifying his already firm hold on power and demonstrating that Moscow was correct to defy the West and deploy soldiers into Ukraine.

Putin, a former lieutenant colonel in the KGB who came to power in 1999, made it plain that the outcome should serve as a warning to the West's leaders that, in peace or conflict, they will have to deal with a more powerful Russia for many years to come.

As a result, Putin, 71, will begin a new six-year term that, should he finish, will surpass Josef Stalin's record of 200 years as Russia's longest-serving leader.

According to an exit survey conducted by pollster Public Opinion Foundation (FOM), Putin received 87.8% of the vote, the most percentage of any candidate in Russia's post-Soviet history. Putin was ranked 87% by the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VCIOM). According to the initial official findings, the polls were correct.
Partial results indicated that ultra-nationalist Leonid Slutsky came in fourth, rookie Vladislav Davankov came in third, and communist contender Nikolai Kharitonov came in second with little less than 4%.

Due to censorship and the incarceration of political opponents, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and other countries have declared that the vote was not free nor fair.

 Supreme Court of USA Rules Trump has Absolute Immunity for Official Acts

Supreme Court of USA Rules Trump has Absolute Immunity for Official Acts

The US Supreme Court's decision to provide previous presidents some immunity from criminal prosecution is a significant win for Donald Trump.

July 21, 2024